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It's not just been a big year for Bobina, aka Russian producer Dmitry Almazov, it's been a big year for his homeland too. The nation has been celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of launching Yuri Gagarin into the cosmos, winning the space race against the United States. So caught up in the national fervour was Bobina that he even named his last album 'Rocket Ride'.
“For us it was a really big deal,” he says of the set. “And it got a great reaction from the trance family.”
He may have had an unwanted reaction from a deranged female fan, as outlined in his 'Awkward moment' of 2011 below - “Now - as I'm alive - I can say it was funny, but at the time I was about as scared as I've ever been,” he chuckles - but his work-rate doesn't let up. So far he's worked pretty much 50 weeks this year, with just a couple of weeks off to spend with family. “I've been everywhere!” he says. “But year on year, I'm enjoying it more and more. Some DJs, they're getting bored, but for me this is one of the best years of my career.