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Richie Hawtin

The momentum of 2011 has been absolutely incredible,” says Canadian techno wonder Richie Hawtin on the continued flowering of his creativity, which seems to grow ever more visionary with age.
“When I think of what we've been able to pull off, taking Plastikman 1 to 1.5,” he reflects on the incredible new stand-alone live show that he launched this summer, “in-between my normal DJ schedule which was busier than ever this year.”

Then there was 'Arkives', his 15 CD, 1 DVD, book and bonus digital tracks box-set, which lifted the lid on almost two decades of music.
“I think I'll be able to fit three projects in next year in the time it took,” he jokes on the exhaustive task few artists would have the energy, foresight or back catalogue to do. “I can now see why people do box sets at the end of their career!
“It's one of those projects that you work so tightly and closely on that it takes a couple of months to realise what you've done,” he adds, the relief of finishing now turning into pride at the monumental achievement. “And of course, we still have three months left to rock and destroy parties around the world!