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“I did experiment a lot this year, trying to evolve my sound in different directions,” says Italian hardstyle chief Zatox when asked why he thinks he made the poll this year. “For once, I am focusing on a harder, rawer variant of hardstyle while at the same time I am moving towards an international style of producing that is more melodic.”
Aside from pushing boundaries musically, the man born Gerardo Roschini has been busy boshing out his dark hardstyle beats at festivals and clubs all around the world, from Europe to Asia, not including the myriad requests from new countries which came in after the man's schedule was already fully booked up.
“My Australian tour was absolutely great and I loved performing at Defqon.1 Festival this year so much,” he enthuses. “I had a lot of new tracks to play there and the main stage just looked awesome.”
Amongst those new tracks was an anthem for Hard Bass and a new Qlimax theme. Both tracks picked up plenty of attention in the scene and the latter was given away to fans “… as a thank you gesture - I totally agreed with the idea,” says Zatox, who also busies himself running his own matter-of-fact label, Italian Hardstyle.
“It is going really well, not just for me, but also for the talent I want to grow. The upcoming R3bels are getting loads of good reactions and it feels good to manage my own label, to show the world my idea of hardstyle.”
The Italian admits 2011 has taken its toll. “Being a DJ is a lonelier profession than people think,” he says. “I haven't had much of a private life in the past year. Besides my vacation, it has been very much all Zatox. But hey, who needs time off when you have such a great job.