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Andy Moor

In last year's Top 100 issue, trance mainstay Andy Moor from the UK vowed to concentrate more on production this year. So did he manage to do this? “This year has been very productive for me,” he begins. “There have been so many highlights, with the festivals and club gigs being amazing, and although my tour schedule has been a little crazy there has still been enough time to be productive elsewhere.”
Hinting that his gig schedule has continued to eat into most of his working weeks, he explains that he still remained focused on DJ sets in whatever form they come in - “the Moor Music podcast has doubled in frequency, and I have squeezed in two compilations” - while still finding time to create some new tracks in the studio. “My own productions have been plentiful, and I am now looking forward to finishing off the album,” he says. CARL LOBEN