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Wolfgang Gartner

It's been four years since electro house supremo Wolfgang Gartner reincarnated himself from disco house DJ Joey Youngman, a name which is now consigned to ancient history.
“The fans who listen to my stuff now don't even know about my past,” he states. “I would never go back to doing that thing now.” He's managed to shake off another tag too; that of 'the new Deadmau5'. Although that comparison once made sense, given Gartner's similarly epic electro house, all-conquering festival appearances and sets comprised largely of his own music. “60% of what I play is other people's material, but they're such extreme re-edits that it's basically my own music,” he claims.

Not that the Californian Gartner can't come up with his own raw materials, recently unveiling his debut album 'Weekend In America', featuring guest spots from and Eve.
“I listen to rap to relax and dance music for work,” he explains. “It just made sense to combine two musics I love.” So with a black book full of rappers and a tour diary full of European and American dates, maybe we should call him 'the new David Guetta' instead? PAUL CLARKE