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When Skazi's third album, 'My Way' hit the eardrums of metal-loving psy-trance heads worldwide this September, the inclusion of the rough, syncopated rhythms of dubstep was hardly a surprise. The only producer in this poll to slam monolithic electric guitar riffs into thumping trance, it's not only Skazi's experimental propensity that makes the raucous, globally embraced elements of the sound an obvious choice for the Israeli stadium churner.
“For me, dubstep is very metal,” he explains. “I am using synths but I still keep the guitar pumping. People like it, they love the mixture of many styles.”
And he's not wrong. The official music video for his single 'Warrior' hit 60,000 views in the space of a week, he tells DJmag, and with several repeat appearances in this poll, he's obviously doing something right. But, as ever, in the past 12 months, he's been reluctant to rest on his laurels, racking up a host of monster collaborations for the album, including various rappers, ragamuffin singers and, most impressively, Guns & Roses drummer, Matt Sorum.
“I have shown I have big balls to do something on this album, I hope,” he adds.

Apart from knocking up six music videos for upcoming singles - one filmed in a 2000-year-old ancient chapel - and playing to 25,000-strong crowds as far as Brazil, Moscow and Korea, it's been a relatively quiet year for Skazi… by his standards, anyway. ADAM SAVILLE