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Over the course of two decades, Sasha has remained a figurehead of the international scene. Not only that, but he's continued to innovate when others have been happy to go stale with superstardom. If you want proof, you only need consider his weekly Never Say Never parties at trendy Ibiza beach club Ushuaia, where never fewer than 4, 000 people partied each week throughout summer 2011.
“It was great there this year, I really cultivated a big-room sound after last year's smaller, word-of-mouth and cosy antics, but still something which relates to the music I usually play,” says the man, ever pragmatic.

As well as that, Alexander Coe has started a new label, released his first official solo production - the 2011 IMS anthem 'Cut Me Down' - and, most importantly, had a baby.
“I took time off in June when she was born, but I was full-on during July and August, so there were times when I was bleary-eyed,” he states. “But we're out the trenches now, she's sleeping right through!”
Said new label, Last Night On Earth, is inspired by the music Sasha has been enjoying this year, as well as the vibe of his Never Say Never parties.
“This year the Visionquest sound has been big for me, so I've approached the people whose tracks I've been playing so we can collaborate on stuff, and I've also a load of music I've written on the road which needs finishing off. ”
November will see work start on the next hallowed 'Involver' record, a couple of weeks off and then it will be back into overdrive for another year of non-stop touring. KRISTAN J CARYL