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Eddie Halliwell

Here he is in the Top 100 again, but this time, Eddie Halliwell has finally released one of his own productions, 'Neon', instead of just alluring his fans with only the energetic electronic sounds he mixes together in the club.
“Obviously gigging has kept me the most busy as usual,” says Eddie. “But I have been spending a lot of time in the studio this year too, and finally felt ready to release my own production.”
So what brought about this decision; any huge musical shifts for the man usually happy to spin anything from a house, trance or techno mould?
“There weren't any particularly big shifts, but I am always trying to evolve as a DJ, both in the way I perform and in the music I play,” offers Eddie. “I am constantly being opened up to new artists and producers around the world and have always had a very open mind with music.”
As well as all the usual continents, Eddie has also hit some new territories this year.
“I recently went to Cambodia and Vietnam for the first time. I played the Heineken Festival and would strongly recommend it - awesome gig with an amazing crowd!” he says, before stating that still the best place of them all, for him at least, is Ibiza.
Another primary concern for the renowned technological wizard has been his ED-IT shows again this year. The aim with them is all about making a bigger and better experience for crowds around the world.
“It's always great to see the audience reaction to the effort we put into these shows and we will continue touring it again in the coming months.”