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After a blistering rise to prominence, it's hardly surprising that Alessandro 'Alesso' Lindblad enters the Top 100. From only a handful of singles and EPs, the producer and DJ has built up a huge fan-base for his infectious brand of progressive electro house, particularly with his track 'Nillionaire'.
“2011 has been so hectic but amazing at the same time!” says Alesso. “It is my first year ever touring, it has been so much to take in and so many great things to experience. I've been trying to focus on everything. But the 'pressure' has been good!”
And although a main-room stomper of a collaborative single with Sebastian Ingrosso, 'Calling', undoubtedly raised his profile, the wave of interest it created was ridden out with perpetual ease and skill by Alesso, who is already gearing up for the next chapter.
“I'm so pumped after this amazing summer and year. I'm looking forward to working more on what I love doing!” TRISTAN PARKER