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“I don't listen to that much non-dance, I give my ears a break when I get the chance,” Stuart Langelaan tells DJmag, and that's quite understandable when you take into account the boundary-crossing workload Lange undertakes. “Genres are blending more than ever and I'm loving it,” he explains, “You can't go over a decade in the industry and make the same thing, you'd go mad. It's about striking a balance between past and future.”

With the new 'Lange Remixed' album and the 'LNG' alias (created for his self-described “edgier productions”) in full flow, Lange is already planning ahead.
“I would like to do an LNG mini album and I'm starting to write my third album now, ready for 2012. I've already got some amazing vocalists lined up,” he explains, “and of course it's shaping up to be another manic year of touring!” DAVID MCCARTHY