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Felguk are Brazilian DJ and production duo Felipe Lozinsky and Gustavo Rozenthal. Their style touches on house and electro, but this year the pair have pushed themselves by taking on plenty of remixes from outside dance music. In the past, these have included the likes of Madonna and Black Eyed Peas, but this year they report rock music to have stolen their attention.
“It's much more challenging and fun that way,” say the pair. “We have been more eclectic than ever and have been noticing that each day the global music scene grows more accepting of a bigger variety of genres… it's all getting more and more freestyle.”

Testament to that is their 2011 hit 'Plastic Smile' with crossover pop act Example (of which they say, “It's not an electro track, but does anyone even care about genre nowadays? We don't!“), as well as their latest single 'Jack It', which both run a gamut of saw-toothed and razor-edged styles.
Aside from plenty of new productions, the pair have been busy launching their own new label and playing pretty much all the cities in their home country of Brazil, as well as countless North American parties including EDC in Las Vegas and a debut appearance at New York's Electric Zoo.

As if all that wasn't enough, 2011 also saw the 20-something duo produce their first-ever video to go with their latest track…
“Our intention was to give an idea for the people at home of the energy and vibe during our performance, and to give our fans a taste of the Felguk experience.” KRISTAN J CARYL