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Juanjo Martin

It's not unusual for a Top 100 DJ to spend the vast majority of his or her waking life in departure lounges or sitting on planes. But to end up “knowing most of the pilots and flight attendants” on each flight? Well that is a rare feat, even in our experience.
Such an admission merely goes to show the infectious personality harbored by the one-and-only Juanjo Martin, a newcomer to the poll, and the man behind This Is Ibiza, a weekly radio show on Ibiza Global Radio, and weekly residencies in Ibiza at Ushuaia and Privilege during the summer previous. But judging by his recent carnival-esque tech house party-starting tune 'Savannah' on Spinnin' Records, it is obviously not only Juanjo's ability behind a pair of CDJs that has won his way into your affections.
“The summer of 2011, I have been travelling all over the world,” he tells DJmag. “I've also been working in the studio, preparing my new compilation, 'This Is Ibiza', from airport to airport.”

On top of that, he's traveled to Zurich, London, Singapore, Sydney and Brazil - “one of my favourite destinations” - throughout 2011, and benefited from delayed success from club banger 'I Believe In Dreams', despite its release in 2010. A bonafide stalwart, we think you will agree… ADAM SAVILLE