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Boy George

Since crashing back into the Top 100 DJs poll last year, it's been a hectic year for the man born George O'Dowd.
“I've been joyfully busy,” he tells DJmag, joyfully.
With at least two or three gigs a week, he's been traveling the globe, “and I've also been building up VG Records,” he says, the label that he runs with DJ/producer Marc Vedo. “I've been working with amazing singers like Sharlene Hector and John Gibbons, collaborating with Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero, and just loving life.”
One of music's best-known faces is going through another renaissance, and as well as doing some singing he's been fully immersed in electronic music and DJing again in 2011. “Dance music has been on fire this year, and I've stopped using CDs finally,” he reveals. “I'm a USBieber!”
The re-emergence of George the DJ has been scoffed at by a few cooler-than-thou jocks, but there's no doubting that he knows his onions - and has the history. A club regular and '80s pop star before some of the Top 100 were even born, he has club culture running through his veins - and no drugs or alcohol any more.
“I have to mention Carpe Diem in Croatia as my gig of the year,” George says before he departs. Legend! CARL LOBEN