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Marcel Woods

Marcel Woods' reputation for not being tied to a specific genre has been built on the success of his mix compilation album series 'Musical Madness' and accompanying DJ sets around the world at the likes of Global Gathering, Mysteryland, Dance Valley, Trance Energy and Gatecrasher Summer Sound System.
“People don't know where to place me, as most people think in genres, otherwise they can't talk about it,” Marcel explains. “But for me, dance music is for dancing, not something we talk about. The only rule is, you like it or you don't like it.” Citing Tiësto as another DJ who he feels follows a similar non-genre-based path, Marcel tells DJmag, “I believe we have a similar music taste when we DJ. That roof has to come off, otherwise my performance is a waste of time.”
Work still continues on his debut artist album, although with no set release date, Marcel's plans for next year are quite straightforward.
“To leave people behind on a dancefloor thinking, 'What the fuck just hit me?!'” DAVID MCCARTHY