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Brennan Heart

It's been another year in the life of a DJ for Brennan Heart (real name Fabian Bohn), but things got more extreme this time. Tours in Asia, Canada and South America suddenly made him a pioneer in these territories rather than just in the studio, where he'd already built a considerable rep on the hardstyle scene, with a raft of releases since the mid-2000s under aliases including Blademasterz, Coffeeshock and Superwave.

These globe-trotting, city-sequestering tours also gave him the inspiration for his new City 2 City concept, which combines the new boundaries he just set, or rather crossed, with his expertise in making fantastic music. The video of his current EP with Wildstylez 'Lose My Mind' is one of YouTube's hottest new additions and was the follow-up to his equally-successful clip 'Running Late'.
With hardstyle growing in popularity, one of its innovators looks set to enjoy ever bigger acclaim into 2012 and beyond.KRISTIAN DANDO