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DJ Mag Top100 DJs

Willem Rebergen has stormed up the Top 100 this year, illustrating perhaps that the influence of the hardstyle splinter of dance music is gaining further momentum. Naturally, the Dutchman is pretty pleased about the whole business. "I took a lot of time this year to return to myself," he says. "Especially now that my career is skyrocketing I wanted to make sure that I knew what's important for me.

Get back to the basics and build from there. "I have already achieved so much more than I could have ever dreamed of; I could not have imagined it when this all started. So when I came to that realization that everything from this point is an extra on top, a lot of weight fell from my shoulders. I'm enjoying the ride, just doing what I am best at." A slew of remixes this year for the likes of Nicky Romero, Kaskade and Hardwell have upped his profile, and most certainly contributed to this additional exposure.

"Doing remixes for other genres makes so much more sense than remixing stuff in your own genre," he says. "It gave me a whole different approach in producing hardstyle and I hope the same fans will benefit from that." Well, it certainly won't hurt.