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Gareth Emery

Touring, says British house/trance producer Gareth Emery, "got the better" of him this year. "I only managed to make a few records," says 32-year-old Gareth.

"This year I ditched having a studio and transferred everything to a laptop. I've made over 10 new tracks this year, which I think are the best I've ever done." These tracks, says Gareth, will be part of his new, as-yet-unnamed album coming out next year.

"Lately I've been loving the new wave of electro house that has emerged after dubstep," says Gareth. "Lots of producers like Zedd and Knife Party have lifted some of the best sounds from the dubstep scene and implemented them into modern house and electro. For me that has been very exciting." Gareth says that "deep, druggy, brilliantly-produced" tunes such as X-Press 2's 'Muzikizum' are what made him want to become a DJ in the first place. "Before that it was all keyboards and guitars for me," says Gareth. "Now I put all those elements into my productions."