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Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki had to air his laundry in public recently, after an anonymous online post revealed he requests six pairs of underpants on his rider.

"I travel with a crew and we travel light, so we need clean underpants or we'd get sweaty balls," he explains. Those hectic live gigs - which feature Aoki throwing cakes and also explain why his rider requests a rubber dinghy - and equally hectic tour schedule are partly why it's taken the California-based Aoki until now to release debut album 'Wonderland' after 16 years of DJing.

With vocals from Lil Jon and Weezer's Rivers Cuomo amongst others, 'Wonderland' expands upon his Dim Mak label's electro-rock sound. "I wrote each song specifically for each vocalist," he says. "So rather than just define one sound I put elements of dubstep, electro and progressive house on there." Clearly he can have his cake and eat it.