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DJ Mag Top100 DJs

Noisecontrollers have perhaps got the most descriptive name with regards to what a DJ does in the whole of the Top 100 DJs chart. Literally referring to the controlling of the noise at a venue, the noise in question when it comes to this Dutch duo is boshing hard dance beats.

"We always play for the joy of our crowds, but at the same time we never compromise our own vision and taste," they tell DJ Mag. Arjan Terpstra and Bas Oskam started their Noisecontrollers project in the mid-noughties. Arjan originally made hip-hop, while Bas was from the hard trance scene - when they combined, their accessible-yet-pummeling hardstyle sound immediately won them plaudits in Europe, and they haven't really looked back.

"Besides playing all around the world at the best parties, what have been the highlights of the last 12 months for us?" they chirp. "Our own solo concert Xqlusive Noisecontrollers that was powered by Q-dance, and our performance at EDC in Las Vegas were both absolute highlights. Music-wise, the release of our album 'E=NC2' was a blast!"