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DJ Mag Top100 DJs

Having smashed his way into the chart last year, Italian hardstyle DJ, Zatox, has again pummeled his way into the Top 100. Having showcased his unrelenting, electrifying sound on his 'My Life', 'Winter' and 'Fuck You Up' singles, Zatox says his year has been "Hectic! The past 12 months have been one big, crazy story". Holidaying in and touring Australia was a high point.

"It was incredible to see such beautiful nature and the country itself makes you feel at peace," he says, but his biggest highlight of 2012 was imminent when we spoke to him.

"I am hosting a stage at the annual Thrillogy event by b2s. I will have thousands of people coming to see me and the guests I have invited; how's that for anticipation?"