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Daft Punk

Tucked away in a hidden location (probably) somewhere in the environs of Paris, France, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have this year mostly been working hard on an album they're producing with Giorgio Moroder and Nile Rodgers. Rumours about the album upped stakes in August this year when Nile Rodgers wrote about the collboration on his blog.

"Just when I thought I couldn't get more hyped up about the future, I got a call from Daft Art's Paul Hahn," he said. "We marveled about some new technology, some visual concepts and how many things had come together over the last few months. We talked about my Fender Stratocaster nicknamed 'The Hitmaker', my plexiglass Guitarman nicknamed 'The Chic-ocaster' and of course, the current state of the mixes for the next Daft Punk album. I'm hyped."

With such mighty, musical super-powers at work together - on what will be Daft Punk's fourth album - it's likely to end up the electronic music equivalent of a crime-busting operation carried out by a conglomerate of Batman & Robin, Superman and Spiderman. And while the publicity-shy French duo aren't revealing anything about this forthcoming musical opus (some say it's due next year) you can bet that - taking into account all of the afore-mentioned producers' electronic disco and house music credentials - it's likely to be something mind-blowingly brilliant. Also reportedly planned for next year is a Daft Punk European summer festival tour that sources say will include sets at Glastonbury in the UK, Roskilde Festival in Denmark, Primavera Sound in Spain, the Peace And Love Festival in Sweden and Oya festival in Norway.

Exactly what they're up to musically, though, no one can really be sure. In recent years the Daft duo have done no publically-advertised gigs, no live shows and released only their brooding, Vangelis-inspired soundtrack to Tron Legacy. Whispers of future productions and hints at collaborations are all there's been. And if they had to be compared to any historical superhero, then it'd probably be the mysterious, fellow-Frenchy, elusive Scarlet Pimpernel. It's previous success with game-changing albums such as 'Homework' and the spin-off remixes and reworks that have followed that keep them popping up in this Top 100 DJ poll. Hopefully they'll change that and step up to the decks soon