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DJ Mag Top100 DJs
Carl Cox

Carl Cox is as chatty and buzzing as ever when DJ Mag catches up with him: Not bad given his long service to electronic music and enduring place in the Top 100. So what's his secret? Well, motorbikes, actually. Having been a two-wheeler in his youth, even having a bike crew at the age of 16, with age came a belief that bikes were too dangerous, until, that is, he moved to Melbourne five or so years ago and couldn't turn down the opportunity to ride the wide open roads in relative safety (compared to the UK, at least).

As such, he decided to start an annual trek from the north of France right down to Ibiza (and back) ahead of his Space date with a crew of like-minded motor and techno heads. Growing ever more successful each and every year, Carl has now invested in a racing team, set up his own bike touring company and feels his music is benefitting as a result. "Sometimes I just need space away from music," he says.

"To not think about drums and basslines. Riding allows you to be free from the music and I feel a lot better for it. " Given his continued stewardship of Intec, busy touring schedule, steady stream of releases (and plenty of unreleased remixes he admits to using only in his own sets) and the fact that his globally syndicated radio show is about to hit its 50th installment, it's no wonder Cox needs a break. But does he see an ultimate end in sight? "Once the DJing finishes I'll be restoring bikes, I think. That won't happen for a while, though, I'm still ringing off the chain. Every gig this year has been amazing, the Space closing was mental. How do you stop that?!"