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Pete Tha Zouk

Pete Tha Zouk has had a busy year. Ricocheting between the studio and the airport, so he can fly off to one of his well-attended gigs, he says he's had hardly any time to think.

"I've played a lot in Brazil this year," he says. "The scene is blowing up there and the parties are epic. But I've also played all over Asia, Africa and the USA." Continent-hopping is so time-consuming it's a wonder the Portuguese DJ has had any time for production work. But, this year, he's had a flurry of success with collaborative production projects such as stomper 'Learn To Love', that he co-produced with Rae and 'We Are Tomorrow' - a collaboration with Deepblue and Yasmeen - which caused ripples in house and trance DJs' sets in 2012.

This year, Pete says, he's been particularly excited about the "new fusions of trance". "It's all part of the same thing, all these different genres," says Pete. "Dance music is an ever-changing, worldwide phenomenon."