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Martin Solveig

For Martin Solveig, 2012 was the year that he went from skirting the peripheries of pop-house stardom to world touring support man for Madonna. Oh, and he also produced a sizeable chunk of her album 'MDNA'. Nothing trivial, then. "Let's say it takes a bit of organisation," he says of his current schedule.

"Sometimes we have played three shows in one day, in three different countries. We did Hungary, Germany and Belgium in the same day. It's a lot of adrenaline." He impressed Madge so much on her jaunt through Europe, that she invited him on to the US leg, too.

But have all these arena-hopping, five-star hotel shenanigans changed him? He bursts out laughing.

"That's some question! But I guess everything you do in your life makes you change, right? But I try to keep my feet on the ground. Did I manage? I certainly hope so. Well, except for when I crowd surf. I enjoy doing that a lot. And it's now part of my sports programme." He has big plans for 2013, but he won't say what. But if they're anything like 2012, expect much more crowd surfing to come.A