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DJ Mag Top100 DJs
Roger Shah

Roger Shah is that rare breed whose reputation as one of the biggest names in trance doesn't overshadow the equally well-known Balearic-based flavours that see the light of day on his label Magic Island Records. A regular in the Top 100 poll, Roger's moving from straightforward DJ sets to a 'live concert'-style show have only served to increase his popularity with the crowds.

"I did DJ sets for 15 years before I had the idea and feel to change something in my way of performing," he tells us. "It should be all about the music anyways." With this year's highlights including his long-awaited debut in South Africa, there have also been upheavals.

"I had a crazy year with a lot of changes. I just recently changed my management," Roger explains. " [At the] same time, a lot of new doors opened, so I worked on a lot of orchestral music for Hollywood and had some time to work on my own fashion clothing line with a designer from New York, which we will launch next year." Through the changes, the support he has received has not gone unnoticed. "I wanna take the chance to thank all my true and loyal fans who supported me and voted for me again, this means a lot, cheers."