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Sean Tyas

Probably the best phrase would be 'a newfound satisfaction'," Tyas says. "Not only from gigs and what not, but I've been learning so much by experimentation and trying new things in the studio, I tend to leave everyday a whole lot more satisfied than I have in such a long time. With several singles released under his Naes alias that have seen Tyas exploring the boundaries between trance and house, it's been a development that has been reflected across the scene as a whole in 2012; the year that trance found its 'groove'.

"2012 was the year of 'trance's reluctant growth spurt'," he confirms. "This year has seen a jump in maturity that it's not even come close to in recent years.

The producers, the fans, and the DJs have all taken leaps forward... I've really enjoyed seeing tracks become a whole lot 'sexier', by having that little bit of groove." Earlier in his career, the US-born Tyas made the move to Switzerland to enjoy the fruits of the European scene. The broader popularity of dance music in the US has obviously changed since then, though Tyas says his own warm relationship with his home country remains the same.

"It's still, and always will be, one of my favourite places to go, because of both the crowds, and my personal comfort level over there. I don't think that's changed since I first moved to Europe."