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Bob Sinclair

Bob Sinclar: probably the Top 100's first-ever tap-dancing DJ. "I took six weeks of tap-dancing lessons, five times a week," he explains.

"No other DJ would take that risk, because maybe they would be afraid to be a little ridiculous." Having displayed his skills in the video for current single, 'Groupie', (three million views and counting), Bob puts his enduring success as a DJ and producer down to this creative risk-taking. "People love that kind of imagination because it's different," he says. 2012 also saw his 'Disco Crash' album released and another summer spent as part of Ibiza's DJing elite.

"I played at Pacha this summer and it's the highlight of the year for me," he says. "Only the best DJs play there, so it's very important for me to continue to produce my music and take care of my image so that I'm always requested for this club." And if that involves learning to tap-dance, so be it.