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Three years after he broke onto the scene in a big way, things are looking good for Belgian drum & bass DJ/producer Netsky.

After releasing his second album, '2', in the summer, Netsky hit the festival circuit, culminating at Pukkelpop, Belgium. "I closed the stage after Björk, in front of 60,000 people. That was insane.

I had my whole family and all my friends there, and I got my parents onstage after my set. That was a really important moment for me." Netsky's biggest project of 2012, however, has been his new, full live band, which will hit the road at the end of the year. "That's one of the most exciting projects I've started. I still love DJing, but for me it was a logical step to get on stage and do something different." It's a suitably forward-thinking finale to what has been a game-changing year for Netsky.