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Henrik Twardzik aka Neelix's bid to enter the Top 100 with a Napoleon Dynamite 'Vote For Me' campaign worked a treat, although some of his fans weren't too impressed.

"I had a lot of hate mail, people were really fighting against me, because my scene, psy trance, is very underground and the people think this is capitalism," reveals the amused Trekkie. Henrik wears 'geek' glasses and hails from Hamburg, and in recent years has taken his DJ name from a Star Trek character. But it's not just for comic effect - Neelix admits to being a slight nerd and has just made an app for the iPhone.

"It's an app where you can very easily create, record and export remixes of Neelix tracks," he beams. His seventh album 'Nerdy By Nature' is due for release next year, but not before he's had time to settle into his new location of London.