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Knife Party

Knife Party don’t do interviews. It’s their thing... well, along with Daft Punk and, err, Burial. So we're still in the dark as to what their top track of 2015 was, or why they think there aren't more women in the Top 100 DJs list. But fair play to them, they're busy guys.

The duo, made up of ex-Pendulum alumni Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, dropped their first EP as Knife Party (the name comes from a Deftones track, they're not actually knife crime advocates) back in 2011 after leaving their strictly drum & bass days behind, and have since been dropping growling 140bpm beats for headbangers to lose their shit to.

Their first studio album, 'Abandon Ship', arrived late last year after being leaked on iTunes (whether accidentally or on purpose, we’re not quite sure), and the Australian duo gifted their followers with a handful of more aggy mid-range cuts.

And the productions keep coming: at this year's Ultra they announced that a brand new EP was done and dusted, premiering three new tracks for their army of fans: 'Parliament Funk', 'PLUR Police' and 'Kraken feat Tom Staar'.

While at Kingsday Festival they premiered new track 'ID' featuring Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine fame — complete with battering-ram bass and all guns blazing. May 2016 herald even more fist-pumping moments and musical accolades for the gruesome twosome. FELICITY MARTIN