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A Maltese duo who juggle the emotive thrills of trance with their love for chillout vibes, Cyprian Cassar and Joven Grech have been working together as Tenishia for over a decade, taking their career to the next level when they were signed a few years ago by Armada Music. They subsequently released their records across several of its sub-labels like Coldharbour and A State Of Trance.

“The past year for us has been the best year of our career,” says Grech. “We really have been so fortunate to have played in so many countries and at some of the world's best festivals. The highlight was probably playing Tomorrowland for the third time in four years.”

Big on the agenda this year has been the release of two particularly successful vocal singles, ‘Don’t Give Up’ in June as well as the smash hit ‘Don’t Let Go’ that dropped just before the Top 100 results were released.

Otherwise, they say, they’re preparing the third edition of their ‘Stoney Roads’ chillout album for release next year, as well as prepping some high-profile collaborations. They also point to particularly strong growth across Asia over the past year.

“Asia has been crazy for us, our fans are awesome and we love being out there. MTV have even given us our own show that is broadcast in eight different countries! We’re really excited to see what 2016 brings.”