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MaRLo sums up his sound when he tells DJ Mag that it is "basically Tech driven chunky beats with plenty of hands in the air moments."

It's this down to earth and refreshingly honest crowd-pleasing approach that has won him so many fans. "This year was better than last year in almost every way, I'm really happy and am blown away with the support I've received and the incredible shows and opportunities I've been given this past year," he says.

However, it's not all about the noise for MaRLo, as his trip to play in Canada this year had some unexpected surprises. "I had a great time at Lake Louise and Banff in Canada when I had a few days off in between shows," he explains. "I was by myself and kinda got in tune with the silence and peacefulness of the incredibly beautiful landscape."

With plans to complete his first artist album next year, the ambitious Netherlands-born DJ would also love to be able to realise his dream of putting on his own arena-style shows in his adopted homeland of Australia in 2016.