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Andy C

Since bursting onto the scene as a young teenager with epic hardcore tune 'Valley Of The Shadows' under the name Origin Unknown in the early '90s, Andrew Clarke has been immersed in breakbeat science. He started RAM Records in 1992 after borrowing £1000 from his uncle, and Ram 004 — 'Shadows' — contained the moon landing-sampling “31 seconds” snip and the “long dark tunnel” phrase culled from a BBC documentary about near-death experiences.

As drum & bass grew in the '90s he became one of its key playas, smashing into the Top 100 DJs poll at the start of the noughties and remaining there for the next decade and more. Usually the Highest Drum & Bass DJ in the poll, he's been voted back in again by his legion of fans — plenty of whom again were raving at his All Night Long sold out 02 Brixton Academy show at Halloween just the other day.

So what's been the highlight of 2015 for the drum & bass don? “Probably playing the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea!” he tells DJ Mag. “When you're growing up and dreaming of being a DJ, you can never imagine playing a gig like that. I was just dreaming of playing at my local club!”