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As they're on a break (queue a clip of Ross from Friends, not that one, the actual one), Disclosure didn't disclose to us what they're currently up to. But absence, it seems, makes the heart grow fonder. Missing the poll by eight places last year, in 2017 they've made the cut. Just.

Perhaps their ducking out has led to a reassessment of how much the brothers have achieved in so little time while so young. As Howard and Guy announced in an open letter on Twitter back in February, when they announced their time off this year: “We were 15 and 18 when we began this incredible journey and it's been filled with shows bigger and even better than our childhood minds could ever have imagined, amongst many other unbelievable moments and achievements.”

Take a quick note to recall that this 'other' includes anthems 'Latch' with Sam Smith, 'White Noise' featuring AlunaGeorge, a stunning remix of Jessie Ware's 'Running', working with Nile Rodgers and Gregory Porter, and putting out platinum-selling album 'Settle'.

They didn't completely have a year off. They did successfully revive their Brighton festival Wildlife after all, and as they state in their letter: “We will be back...”