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Well done Kygo, it's the third year on the trot that this internationally-renowned 'music producer from Norway' has entered the Top 100 DJs list. His current sparkling EP 'Stargazing’, featuring magical vocals from Justin Jesso, pays homage to his home country with its pretty Northern Lights artwork. And his fans have been applauding this release with some rather lovely heartfelt messages across his social media.

Kygo truly inspired us last year when he revealed his massive donation to the Rafto Foundation to support LGBT rights in Uganda. It's not often that an artist really sticks their neck out for such causes and for that we salute him. 

This summer, Kygo's story is told on an Apple documentary entitled Stole The Show, which was also the name of his 2015 track that “changed my life, in the most positive way possible”. See family, friends and other mahoosive artists like Martin Garrix, Bono(!) and Steve Aoki sing the praises of the Nordic star on the doc. It follows his rise to fame, neatly placing him as a bit of a force to be reckoned with.