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“I’m proud to be back in the list, and it’s a good thing to get a global spotlight on hardcore music again,” Angerfist tells DJ Mag. 2017 has been a great year for him and he's played a lot of new festivals that have recently introduced hard stages. It something he's clearly passionate about. “In the past few years hard music has grown a lot. I can see that the crowds at events are growing and the people are getting more into it than before,” he says.

This year he collaborated with Furyan, Bodyshock and most recently Radical Redemption. “I’m proud of the remix I did this year of Tha Playah’s 'Why So Serious' as well,” he goes on to say. But right now it's all about his new solo album 'Creed Of Chaos’, which will feature collabs with several artists that he hasn't worked with before.

His highly anticipated album release will be presented at a special no-holds-barred Angerfist event on the 2nd of December at AFAS Live in Amsterdam, which in turn will launch the Creed Of Chaos 2018 World tour. As his fans would say, ‘Raise your fist for Angerfist'!