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Danny Avila

Having debuted in 2015 but dropped back out the following year, Danny Avila returns to the chart after a jam-packed 12 months which have seen him take his career to the next level. Alongside the usual hectic tour schedule (Asia, Europe, US, Ibiza — the works!), the Spaniard has been showcasing his wider tastes through his new live stream show, Style Sessions, playing everything from drum & bass to trance and moombahton.

Danny also joined members of the DJ Mag team and the organisers of Untold festival as a judge in NewYorker clothing’s NYDJAY competition, helping unearth a new talent for the EDM pool. What’s even more exciting though is what Danny has in store for the near future. “This year has been one of my most creative years in the studio so far and I can't wait to release all the new music really soon,” he tells DJ Mag. And what’s more, he’s just signed an international deal with Sony Music. “It has definitely been an absolutely crazy year so far,” he adds.