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Yves V

How has your year been so far, Yves, DJ Mag asks? “Amazing, I’ve been touring my favourite places including Brazil and Asia, and also had a new addition in my family,” he tells DJ Mag.

It's a year that saw him play the main stage at Tomorrowland again, and led into a summer that included playing at Amnesia in Ibiza. “I love that island and the whole vibe and feel,” he says. “On one side everyone wants to go crazy and party, on the other the wonderful seafood and yoga, health and wellness makes it one of a kind.”

Ever since he first debuted in the Top 100 DJs list, Yves V has noticed the love that is shared online for him. “As for thanking you all, I hope to see you all at a show soon to do this in person,” he says.

When Yves V premiered his collaboration with Carta at Tomorrowland, his fans went crazy. This tune will see the light of day courtesy of Spinnin’ before the end of the year is out.