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Mike Williams

Make way for Mike Williams: the latest young firebrand to be catapulted from The Netherlands’ ever-bubbling EDM volcano. After a series of remixes and bootlegs in 2015, he broke through on Tiesto’s label Musical Freedom in early 2016 and has rocketed up the ranks ever since.

This sweet-spot debut in the Top 100 marks another hectic year for the 20-year-old. Now signed to Spinnin’, he has hammered us a consistent flow of bouncy, uplifting EDM anthems that often come with their own acoustic covers and modish videos. Hits include such things as the classically-informed dynamics of ‘Don’t Hurt’, the hyper-infectious hooky hit ‘Let’s Go’, the much darker, dramatic chugger ‘Step Up’, the warm euphoric ‘Bambini’ (on Tiesto’s label) and the soul-surging jet-setter DJ anthem ‘Jet Lag’…. Something Mike can definitely relate to, having performed extensively across Europe, Asia and America throughout the year.

Beyond the gigs and releases, Mike also launched his new radio show on Dutch national channel SLAM. Entitled Mike Williams On Track, his show represents Mike at his most diverse and eclectic. With a clear nose for a strong melody and big riff theatrics in both his broadcasts, DJ sets and productions, Mike is most definitely on track right now.