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Jay Hardway

One of the things that has really blown away Jay Hardway this year is the realisation that more and more of the people that come to his shows know his music. “I've been flying all over the world again this year, and that isn't always easy,” he tells DJ Mag. “But as soon as I see people going crazy over my music at shows, it makes it all worth it!”

His positivity shines through when we reveal the news of his Top 100 entry. “It's already awesome that there are so many people who are listening to my music and enjoying my shows, and to know that they're voting for me because they want to see me higher in the list means a lot.”

By way of thanks to his fans, Jay intends to release online music videos and tutorials about the process he goes through in making tracks like this year's anthemic 'Golden Pineapple'. And there are plans to give his live shows a big ole upgrade for 2018, with exciting new visuals and exclusive tracks currently being written to be performed there. “This way, making my sets truly unique and a great experience at festivals and in clubs,” Jay beams.