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David Guetta

For the last two decades, DJ/producer and showman David Guetta has been one of the biggest names in dance music. Whether you’re an EDM devotee or an underground raver there’s little doubt you have heard of the ubiquitous Frenchman, who’s been holding his Ushuaia residency for the last few years in Ibiza, alongside regularly topping the charts with a slew of hit singles and pop-fuelled remixes. 

It's been his recent collaborative projects that have worked hardest for him commercially — cue his team-up with pop crooner Bruno Mars on 'Versace On The Floor' and not one but four collabs with rapper Nicki Minaj. Guetta has also been working on music with fellow superstar DJ Martin Garrix this year, with the pair also tapping up Ellie Goulding to sing on the big room tune. They teased the track — titled 'So Far Away' — at Tomorrowland and at Martin Garrix's two Ibiza residences, before releasing it officially last month. 

Ibiza has always been a strong focus for Guetta with his Pacha-based F*CK ME I’M FAMOUS party one of the island’s most glamorous and iconic, despite moving from a weekly rave-up to sporadic pop-up in the last few years. Guetta is equally focusing his attention on his Ushuaia residency, something he's been working on for the last six years. Simply titled BIG, it's an apt name for a party that seeks to combine high-spec, big budget production with Ushuaia’s EDM-leaning clientele, with Guetta describing BIG as more of a David Guetta concert than an actual club-night. 

“Ushuaia represents what modern DJ performance is — there’s a massive stage, crazy production, it’s absolutely huge in every way,” he told DJ Mag Ibiza at the start of the season. “Don’t get me wrong, I love that... but it’s much more like a David Guetta concert or a festival stage than a club set — that’s why it’s called BIG. It’s 10,000 people going crazy and it’s a unique experience." 

Now that the 2017 season has wrapped, fans won't have to wait long for more new music from the EDM producer, with news surfacing that Guetta is working on a new album due out next year. The LP will be the follow-up to his last album, 'Listen', which dropped three years ago, and Guetta has also confirmed his new collaboration with controversial pop singer Justin Bieber, titled '2U', will be included. 

Much of the songwriting for the album has and will be done in Ibiza, where Guetta holds an exclusive annual writing and production workshop. “I do a writing camp on the island every year and everyone meets here. I get a chef and we all gather in my house — when I say we, I mean songwriters coming from all over the place, America, Europe — and we just create songs every day,” he says. “There’s no escape (laughs)! Plus my internet at home is very bad, so there’s no distraction.” 

Given Guetta's track record for pumping out chart-topping hits, there's little doubt that what's coming next will delight EDM fans on the island and beyond.