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Martin Jensen

Overnight hits are a fantasy for most artists, but for young Martin Jensen this was a reality. His single 'Solo Dance’, released at the end of last year, has continued to pick up with supersonic speed throughout 2017, propelling him into Spotify playlists the world over and amassing over 340 million streams. 

This year he made his debut at one of EDM’s most highly regarded main stages, wooing the crowds of Tomorrowland in Belgium. The Danish-born DJ’s schedule has already seen him high-flying across the festival circuit with appearances at CRSSD and Kaaboo in USA, Bråvalla in Sweden, Skral in Norway, Smukfest in Denmark and Lollapalooza in Germany. 

”I have been playing loads of shows across the world, and we released a bunch of remixes, plus my latest single ‘Wait’ came out in the summer,” he tells DJ Mag about the highlights of his year so far. Keeping the momentum going strong and his fanbase happy, ’Wait’ featured Loote on the vocals making it his most catchy number yet.