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Florian Picasso

ith a surname like his, it was perhaps inevitable that Florian Picasso would emerge as a creative type. But Picasso isn’t just a clever alias that hints at this producer’s inventiveness. Indeed, Florian actually is the great-grandson of the famous surrealist painter — and he makes music under his real name too. Although he’s unlikely to go down in history in quite the same fashion as his great-grandfather, for a contemporary group of EDM fans he continues to be one of the most exciting names in the scene.

Renowned for collaborations with Martin Garrix and Steve Aoki and well-received appearances at Tomorrowland and Ultra, Picasso first started making music at 13 and graduated to DJing at big clubs by the time he was 16. He’s also repped some of the biggest labels in the EDM scene, with Dutch behemoths Armada and Spinnin both calling on his services in recent years. A devilishly diverse DJ/producer, Picasso is equally likely to emerge with a slamming electro-house number as he is more progressively-inclined works. And at only 27 years young, who’s to say that the best isn’t yet to come?