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Robin Schulz

When you’re reaching for peak pop/electronic fusion like Schulz, the ambitions get higher and higher. And after the previous years of successes — including a UK No.1 and a Grammy nomination — this year was a case of ‘go big or go home’.
Naturally, he went big. Within the first few months of the year he’d been personally requested to open for Justin Bieber and debuted a feature length movie! Robin Schulz – The Movie premiered in Hamburg and has now been watched almost 300,000 times online. Providing a rare look at media-shy Robin’s life, the movie also revealed his own fashion range, Q/S Designed By Robin Schulz, which is now on its second series.

Musically, his moves have been just as big: since his last Top 100 appearance, he kicked off the grand salvo of his recently-released third album ‘Uncovered’ with a massive David Guetta-collaborated top 30 hit, ‘Shed A Light’. Then, this summer, he rolled out a collaboration with everyone’s favourite Twitterer/balladeer... James Blunt. In less capable hands this could have been a disaster but with Schulz at the controls, the surprising combination hit the top 10 in nine countries.
All this and a hectic tour schedule that has seen him traverse the world’s most renowned clubs and festivals, it’s clear Robin isn’t going home any time soon…