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Andy C

Whamming back into the 100 comes drum & bass’s most popular DJ, who’s consistently graced the poll over the past 15 years — usually being the highest placed d&b jock. Andy released his first tunes when he was just 16, with ‘Valley Of The Shadows’ (with pal Ant Miles as Origin Unknown) on his own fledgling Ram Records kick-starting a career that’s now 25 years strong.

Andy started 2017 with a 13-week residency at XOYO in London, inviting many of the d&b scene’s unsung playas to join him on memorable voyages through the sound. “It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done as a DJ,” Andy tells DJ Mag. “I played over 1000 different tunes during that residency!”

The fact that he sought out so many different tracks to play in his sets is testimony to his continuing enthusiasm for DJing. Unlike a lot of the Top 100 spinners, Andy still practices for hours every week in order to keep his sets fresh. This year he toured the USA, Australia and New Zealand, and he tells DJ Mag that the festival season was his best ever. “It’s been great!”