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One of the most forthright characters to emerge from the EDM trap movement, Carnage remains one of the biggest in his league with one of the most fiercely loyal fanbases. And while previous years have seen him skate with peer-beef and scandal, this year he’s had some very respectable successes.

Release-wise, it’s been one of his most eclectic years so far as he’s dropped a serious hip-hop EP with eccentric MC Young Thug in the form of ‘Young Martha’, an EP that’s scored high with US rap pundits. He’s also dropped some furious hardstyle fusion with Italian EDM couple VINAI (‘It’s Time For The Techno’), and the mosh-mastering EDM/trap banger ‘Chupacabra’ with Ape Drums; a track that hits with such a chaos-inspiring riff that Carnage has been known to jump into the crowd and stand in the middle of. The nutter.

Meanwhile, away from the major festival crowds, he recently donated $20,000 to Houston food banks in light of the devastating Hurricane Harvey. And, by the time you read this, he’ll have hosted his second Rare event in Orlando. A two-day festival he curates and hosts, it’s as unique as the man himself as it promises a sneaker convention, motocross, and acts ranging from Travis Scott to Funtcase and Zhu. Rare to the core.