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Steve Angello

After last year's debacle we weren't exactly holding up much hope of getting a decent response to the Top 100 DJs set questions from the mighty Steve Angello. And a quick cursory over his Twitter feed left us none the wiser. However, it did suggest to follow the story of Genesis on his Facebook. The plot thickened. So we took a look, as you do, and discovered that over the tail-end of 2017 there's a word that Steve Angello has been singing from the rooftops, so to speak. Rejoice!

Rejoice is the word that links entirely to our dancefloors, it's everything. And in that respect Angello has once again totally nailed it. Rejoice is what we do when we go out and we let our hair down and raise our arms, and sing and dance... all night long. That's rejoice for ya.

Angello's final show of the summer at Hi Ibiza was rejoicing to the max. “It's always an honour to perform in front of such a diverse and passionate crowd. These are the moments that will last,” he told his fans. 

Over 2017 Steve has been teasing us with the words 'Almost Human', and naturally we've deduced that a new album is on the way for 2018. Hooray!