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Dillon Francis

atirist, actor, banger-flinger, headline DJ, general dude: Francis continues to troll and delight in equal measures. DJ-wise, he’s cruised on the DJ merry-go-round at the highest altitudes with key appearances across the world, laying down selections that are as sharp and selective as his humour and have even been known to see him pulling out a full Mexican mariachi band.

His activities away from the decks reflects this sense of individuality, as he revealed his departure from major label Columbia via a live stream. Now fully independent, he’s launched a new label I.D.G.A.F.O.S (named after his famous breakthrough banger from 2011) with brand new track ‘Say Less’, accompanied by rapper G-Eazy. Fittingly with a title like that, it’s been his only official single of the year.

His extra-curricular creativity has been a lot more prolific than one song, however; his channels have hosted some of his funniest shorts and skits this year, including a range of trollish EDM celeb interviews as DJ Hanzel, tour diaries and commentary on serious significant events such as the new iPhone unveil. He also made his official acting debut on Viceland’s What Would Diplo Do comedy series. Sharper and more on-point than ever, Dillon fills a unique and much-needed space in EDM. Long may he continue to do so.