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Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland’s rise to fame has been swift. This Australian artist (real name Alex Sholler) has captured the mix-and-match mood of today’s dance music better than most, combining strands from bass music, electro, house and most of all, trap, to arrive at an accessible compound. Her 2015 album ‘Run’ hit No.1 on the Billboard dance charts, and won her a legion of fans, who love her pop vocals, southern hip-hop beats and cool collaborations with singers such as Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne (‘U Don’t Know’).

As a DJ, Sholler’s blend is just as dexterous, and offers a welcome alternative to the EDM that dominates so many main stage festival sets. Her route into dance music was different, too. Originally a cellist, she was playing in guitar bands in Sydney before she had her Damascene moment. “I remember falling in love with electronic music when I first heard The Knife,” she says. “I dropped everything and all I wanted to do was create music that made me feel the way The Knife’s music made me feel. It was amazing to me that something made from computers could evoke so many emotions.”

With a second album on the way, mooted to contain more star guests, expect Alison Wonderland to chart even higher in 2018.