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Ferry Corsten

Two major projects, with at least one common thread, have occupied the mind of Ferry Corsten over the last 365. Collectively, they’ve tandem-powered him back up the Top 100 ranks in 2017. Ferry’s continued to ride the considerable wave generated by his Gouryella bring-back in 2015.

“The ‘Gouryella From The Heavens’ documentary screening at the Hawthorn’s Lido Cinema in Melbourne was a big moment for me,” the Dutchman says. “I felt telling the story of Gouryella onscreen was a nice way to put all the pieces in place. Gouryella 2.0. has become the extension of that film — the journey over the past 12 months and the carry-on for this alias. As it includes a Gouryella track, 2.0 was also a cool bridge to ‘Blueprint’ too.”

The ‘Blueprint’ he’s referring to is his fifth artist album, and his first in five years. Dubbed, in some quarters, ‘Trance meets War Of The Worlds’, it boasts a concept high enough to make Michael Bay’s head spin. Scripted by House Of Cards’ David H. Miller, narrated by Campbell Scott (The Amazing Spider-Man) and channelling Ferry’s affinity for sci-fi, “it was conceived”, he says “as a “hybrid between a music album and an audio book”. It’s simultaneously kept Corsten adherents in good cheer, while making in-roads into the IDM audience, and provided him with a bumper year.

As for his early 2018, well he’s a little more taciturn. It does apparently involve the words ‘film’ and ‘score’, though...